World Class Construction Of Creek Tower

World Class Construction Of Creek Tower

World Class Construction Of Creek Tower

World Class Construction Of Creek Tower, Creek Tower Project evaluation The overall construction of the Dubai Creek Harbour Project covers totally 9 districts which mean Island District, the Canal District, and the Sanctuary District. Especially this Island District has various top-notch qualified spots like Creek Residences, Creekside 18, Harbour Views and many more.

In the part of Dubai Creek Residences about 30 to 40 story residential towers which covers the view of Dubai Skyline too. Where the Creekside 18 is exposed with 37-story residential towers and Harbour Views has 51-story twin residential towers respectively.

Economic development of the Dubai Creek Tower:

Moreover, this project covers nine districts so after the completion why even now the value of those places by means of the commercial high-end residences, event spaces, galleries, hotels and other amenities.  Apart from the skyline Dubai creek harbor construction includes the eco-resorts, landscaped gardens, parks, and civic facilities. Especially from the Dubai International airport to reach this tower only takes 10 minutes of time.

Safety measurements on the tower:

Fortified stability of Dubai Creek Harbour Project can be attained through the perfectly located Damper systems and shock absorption systems. This will be assigned with the resisted protection for the tower. Aside for the structural stability of the tower by the year of July 2016 wind tunnel tests have been made on this tower.

Well for the wide view of The Dubai city on the peak of this tower is established with the oval-shaped design which consists of the ten observation decks. On the constructed observation decks two garden decks made by the lines of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon has been placed.

Attachments of the tower:

All the founded floors are engaged with the specific innovation called the rotating balconies that extend outside the tower’s façade. Besides, a high-end hotel, green spaces, restaurants and event spaces are the additional presence of the tower.

The centric position of the tower which is the plaza added with retail spaces, a museum, educational amenities and an auditorium with the extent of 500m-diameter. The topmost height of the tower will emit a beacon of light at night this pays more attention since it enhances the overall design line of the tower.

Construction method:

On the whole, the construction of this tower has three steps which include,

  • Complete piling work
  • Providing concrete base
  • The final one is the steelwork moreover it focuses on the fabrication of the steel cables for the tower.

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