The Dubai Frame – An Incredible Architectural Feat

Have you ever heard of the Dubai Frame? This massive structure stands 150 meters tall and is a sight to behold. It is an architectural marvel in Dubai that has quickly become one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Dubai Frame so unique and why it has become such a draw for tourists.

What Is The Dubai Frame?

The Dubai Frame is an architectural structure located in Zabeel Park in the heart of Dubai. It was designed by Fernando Donis, an architect from Mexico City, and opened to the public in 2018. The frame consists of two towers connected by a 93-meter bridge with panoramic views of both Old and New Dubai. The entire structure stands an impressive 150 meters tall!

At the bottom of the frame are two observation decks where visitors can take in the views of modern-day Downtown Dubai on one side while looking out onto Old Dubai on the other side. This allows visitors to get a sense of how much the city has changed over time—all from one vantage point!

In addition to its incredible architecture, there are plenty of other things to experience inside the frame. The interior features interactive displays about various aspects of life in Dubai, as well as several art installations and exhibitions highlighting local culture and traditions. There is also a café located inside for those who want to grab a bite or a drink before taking in more breathtaking views from atop the frame’s observation deck.

Why Should You Visit The Dubai Frame?

The main reason why people visit The Dubai Frame is its stunning architectural design. Its sharp edges and sleek lines make it stand out among other buildings in downtown Dubai—it’s truly something to behold! But beyond its aesthetic appeal, there are plenty more reasons why this should be your next destination when you visit this vibrant city.

First off, it offers some amazing views from both its observation decks. From up top, you can witness some beautiful sunsets over Old Town or enjoy some sweeping aerial views of downtown Dubai during the daytime. There are few places like this where you can get such incredible panoramic vistas without having to leave ground level!


Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast or just looking for something new to explore during your trip to Dubai, The Dubai Frame should definitely be on your list! Its unique design will surely impress any visitor as well as provide them with some breathtaking views that could never be experienced anywhere else in town! So if you find yourself visiting this beautiful city anytime soon make sure to check out this remarkable feat of architecture; you won’t regret it!

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