dubai creek tower

The Dubai Creek Tower – A Tourist Attraction Near the Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek Tower, otherwise known as Dubai Creek Tower, is an outdoor observation platform with a retractable platform at its base in Dubai, UAE, built on top of a water body. This tower will be the tallest observation platform in the city of Dubai at its completion. The project is being managed by the Dubai Future City Program, a government initiative that aims to construct a world-class infrastructure for the future urbanization of the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai Creek Tower was initially named The Tower in the Creek Harbour. It was later modified to reflect its intended use as an outdoor observation platform. When the project was first launched, it was to include a hotel at its base, but this was later dropped. It is still a project that is awaiting planning approval.

The Dubai Creek Tower can be reached from the Dubai airport’s Terminal D. From there it is only a short walk to the tower. The observation platforms are well equipped with a helipad for emergency landings. The observation platform is situated at an altitude of 1,200 feet, so it can provide a great view of the surrounding areas. The observation deck provides a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. The Dubai Creek Tower offers excellent views of Al Maktoum Lake, Jumeriah Beach, Bur Dubai Mall, the Dubai Marina, Dubai Financial Centre, Bur Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Beach, Dubai Marina Golf Links and other tourist attractions.

The observation deck is situated above a creek that is known as The Canyon. There is a wide open expanse of water, which is home to a number of water fowl. Many tourists, who visit Dubai to participate in water sports activities, enjoy swimming and diving here.

The Dubai Creek Tower has a retractable platform on its floor, which makes it easy for visitors to descend quickly if required. Visitors who are not keen swimmers will appreciate the opportunity to have a look at the surrounding areas without having to swim. The observation deck is situated on a level surface which provides clear views of all the surrounding areas.

The Dubai Creek Tower was originally built to withstand a height of around two and a half meters. However, during construction of the structure, there were delays due to a few major issues. The retractable platform was one of these issues. In order to fix this issue, the Dubai Creek Tower was raised on a concrete foundation so that it would not affect the natural surroundings.

The main observation platform is surrounded by a concrete wall. It can be opened to the sides to allow people to see in all directions. It is easy to access this observation platform from the outside. The retractable platform is about 40 metres high and offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area. The Dubai Creek Tower provides a panoramic view of the Arabian Ranches.

The Dubai Creek Tower is the perfect place to watch birds such as egrets, waterfowl, and ducks. Some residents in the vicinity are also said to feed migrating fish. There are also reports of small mammals and reptiles in the area.Although there is little or no vegetation here, the Dubai Creek Tower is an ideal place to relax and watch wildlife. If you have some spare time to spend in the UAE, then this is the ideal place to do it.The Dubai Creek Tower has many amenities available. They include an outdoor bar, restaurants, a restaurant, and a casino. There are also a large number of pools and spas available.It is possible to stay in the Dubai Creek Tower as a guest. Most guest rooms include all the facilities and amenities that are necessary to make staying in a Dubai villa comfortable.The Dubai Creek Tower has all the modern amenities that are needed to be in a luxury hotel. The main dining area is very spacious and includes a large buffet. The dining room has a large range of cuisines to choose from. There are a large number of Jacuzzi tubs to relax in and there is an outdoor bar with outdoor pool tables.

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