Dubai Creek Harbour Tower

Dubai Creek Tower  World’s Tallest Tower With Facilities

Dubai Creek Tower  World’s Tallest Tower With Facilities

Dubai Creek Tower World’s Tallest Tower With Facilities, The Dubai Creek Tower is the tallest tower in the world. Dubai has declared that they are looking to build the world tallest tower.  It is another record for the Dubai. The Dubai is the home of highest skyscraper in the world. The dubai world tower is constructed on Dubai Creek Harbour that claims the beautiful view of the Dubai Creek Tower. The upcoming tower comes with the observation decks, Pinnacle Room, and others. This tower is joint the venture between the Dubai holding, Emaar properties, and others. The Dubai Creek Tower will be completed by 2020. 

Design of Dubai Tower

The Santiago Calatrava Valls and Spanish-Swiss architect are designed the tallest tower in the world. With the help of the latest technology, the engineer and architect design the Dubai tower. The futuristic structures of the Dubai tower are Art and science complete in Spain, New York. The Dubai tower is built by the popular developer Emaar. The pile cap of Dubai Tower is 20 meters thick tiered reinforced concrete, multi-layered and it covers the load to the barrettes of the foundation. The height of Dubai Tower is 2716 feet that building was laid out by the Sheikh Mohammed. The new tallest tower in dubai is constructed with the high-quality materials.

Highlights of tower

The highlight features of the Dubai tower are Pinnacle room, the huge range of garden desk, unique structure with the needlepoint, decorated with the trees and much more that make the Tower beautiful. The dubai highest building provides the 360-degree view of Dubai. The buildings have the glass balconies that allow you to see the outside tower walls, hotels and others.

The upcoming tallest tower comes with the restaurant, tourist facilities, more than 18 floors shops and others. It official orders the safety survey of Dubai old buildings. The Dubai has developed the huge range of hotels, entertainment building and others that attract the tourist by 2020.

The upcoming Dubai towers add the exclusive economic value to the Dubai Creek Harbour. The developments are located near the popular tourist place and Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary that is the home to more than 50 water birds. More than four hundred skilled professionals are working on the site that makes the construction of the tallest tower in Dubai. They construct the new iconic structure that makes the tower more popular among the people.



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