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Visit the Dubai Safari Park For the Best Holidays

Dubai Safari Park is a unique eco-friendly animal park found in Dubai, UAE. The park is built on Al Warqah 5 Road. The park is spread on 3 acres and has two different sections, one containing the main facility and the other comprising the various accommodation units, campsites, and observation towers. The Dubai Safari Park was constructed by the Abu Dhabi Company, one of the largest construction companies of the UAE.

Animals at the Dubai Safari Park include various birds, crocodiles, elephants, leopards, and even cats. The animals are fed with fruits and vegetables grown on an organic farm and are kept under strict veterinary care. The animals also have access to fresh water as well as fresh air from above-ground water troughs.

The Dubai Zoo was building to preserve the variety of the animals found in the Arabian Desert. It also helped to conserve the habitats of the various species of wildlife. The zoo was established to bring attention to the conservation of the desert animals and educate people about conservation and the environment in general. Many of the animals in the zoo had originated from Africa and the park was designed around that theme. In addition to the animals at the Dubai Zoo, many of the other creatures live in the park as well.

The animals at the Dubai Safari Park are all carefully raised by the Park. The animals are fed with fresh fruits and vegetables grown on an organic farm and they receive regular veterinary care. The animals are taught to behave properly and are not used to people as some may be used to.

There are several campsites that are available at the Dubai Safari Park. These campsites are used mainly by tourists, but there is also the option of local people visiting the park for the pleasure of the day. The Dubai Safari Park offers several different kinds of accommodation units ranging from hotel rooms to villas to self-catering apartments to tent camping sites. Some of the self-catering apartments offer services for cooking as well as laundry facilities for all the guests.

The Dubai Safari Park has two primary areas: A&B camp and H&M camp. Camp A is located close to the main road and is open to visitors every day except Sunday. This camp is for families and the other smaller groups that come to spend their holidays at the park.

Camp B is further away and is only open for the locals and foreigners who come to spend their holiday. There are two areas at the camp, which you can find the shops that you would need during your stay.

The shops at the camp include such things as clothes, food, water, tents, games, tents, fire wood, and much more. It is possible to book these items online for a discounted price. You can buy all this stuff in advance from the shops or you can also get them from the shops at the park itself. Most of the shops here have shopping carts where you can get a selection of everything you need while in the camp.

The Dubai Safari Park has the largest variety of tents available. In addition, you will also find many tents at the park for camping, trekking, and climbing. The different types of tents that you can find at the park are tents for children and adult, tents for tents, and a variety of tents for all seasons.

There are camper vans available that allow you to tour the area from the camp site. This is the best option if you wish to explore the different areas without getting lost.

The camp has all kinds of activities available for children as well. You can go on an elephant ride, walk around, go bird watching, play miniature golf, or just hang out at the beach side of the camp for an afternoon.

Dubai safari is one of the finest holiday spots in the world. All you need to do is plan and prepare for your Dubai holidays in the right way so that you can enjoy the best time of your life.